Here’s what people are saying about Orange County’s only non-profit indie art house cinema!

“A terrific theater for true movie buffs! I love the selections they show, including first run independent films, retro classics, film festivals, cult hits, and lots more. There are TWO screens, so they can show more than one movie at a time (which is something of a rarity for arthouse cinemas). It’s clean and well kept, the staff is super friendly, and they actually know their films. It’s also easy to get to, with plenty of parking in the adjacent structure. Finally, it’s in a nice and safe shopping area, with lots of great restaurants all around. The Wursthaus next door is highly recommended.” – James Hakola, Frida Cinema Member

“Where else can you see a Bowie film tribute and The Seeds Documentary on the same night?!
Hands down the best theater for rock docs and cult films in Southern California!” – Geoff Leamon, Left of the Dial Records owner and Frida Cinema Neighbor

“You must rent The Frida! For independent filmmakers looking to screen their own movie, do yourself a favor and book this theater. When we pulled up and saw our title across the marquee – it was so exhilarating… The venue is so rad, Logan and his staff are absolutely amazing, and most importantly it all came at a price that fits into a realistic budget if you’re looking for self distribution or doing a friends/family screening. They were willing to lend a helping hand in any way, went all-out in supporting and promoting our screening, and they did it all for the love of indie films. Therefore, we are happy to say that we fully support the Frida Cinema!” -Amber Goetz, producer of Highway to Havasu

“An art-house movie theater in orange county’? Is that the latest fantasy film? Horror movie?? Disaster flick? Tragic-comedy? No… It is Southern California’s latest and most exciting cinematic experience… and it’s been a long time coming. The Frida Cinema brings high quality independent and non-mainstream movie viewing that you don’t have to be stuck in traffic for two hours driving up the 405 to see. Sure there have been “art theaters” in Orange County, but their offerings are mostly major motion picture company’s art house brand films that you have to take out a second mortgage to bring the family to sit in their luxury seats with the option to have 2000% markup alcohol, popcorn, and candy delivered to you. This is art house theater at its finest, where quality is not wasted on concessions or theater appearance so it can be expended on searching the world for the best in high class cinema. Sure, treat this as a movie theater that you go to every now and then buy a ticket for, although the true magic of The Frida happens when you make your tax-deductible donation and join as a member. The lowest level membership still gives you great perks. True movie freaks will be happy to hear that the management is always open to recommendations. It’s very rewarding to make a recommendation and a few months later attend a sold-out performance of the movie that you recommended. If you’ve never been to the downtown Santa Ana area, visiting the theater will give you a great reason to make this a regular stop on your weekend plans. Like any theater, sometimes the films are good, sometimes not so, but always you will be satisfied knowing that you are keeping independent and risky cinema alive. I’ve always been jealous of the art houses in Los Angeles, but now our brethren to the north can be jealous of Southern California’s finest indie theater.”– Larry Singer, Frida Cinema Member and Regular

“We were extremely pleased with our experience screening our independent documentary film at The Frida Cinema! From the cost of rental, to the ease of communicating the set up, to the sound quality and picture in the actual theater, The Frida is a class act. Other benefits were a very helpful and kind staff, especially Logan!; lots of cool places to eat and drink within walking distance; beer and wine available, plus the option to do custom mixed drinks; very close inexpensive parking for our guests. We here at Nadine Records Media would definitely recommend The Frida Cinema and look forward to our next event with them!”– Jamie Coakley, director of The Cadillac Tramps: Life on the Edge

“Amazing! The only non profit art theater in the OC! Come support and check out great films at the same time!”– Sonia Ramirez, Ollin Consulting Group

“The Frida Cinema is magical! It plays movies you always wished in your heart you could see, and they nail it.
Never had anything but a fun night here.”– Tim Davila, Frida Cinema Volunteer

“Really lovely theater with a fantastic selection of older films. Over the past year I’ve seen The Last Unicorn,
Anomalisa, and Pan’s Labyrinth here, as well as The Shining which was shown at the Sunnyside Cemetery
in Long Beach. Watching the live PBS Democratic Primary Debate here was a fantastic experience as well.”– Jessica Nguyen, Frida Cinema Regular

“Lucky to have The Frida Cinema downtown in Santa Ana and close my home in historical Heninger Park neighborhood!”– Ginelle Hardy, Frida Cinema Neighbor

“My home away from home! Great staff and always a great selection of films and events.
Don’t waste your time on gas and money going to Los Angeles. Great parking and a lot of places to eat
and drink in the area. I highly recommend this theater.”– Diego Sanson, Resident Frank-N-Furter

“I saw The Holy Mountain on the big screen in my hometown. It doesn’t get any better than that.”– Jorge Rios, Frida Cinema Regular