LABERINTO YOÉME + Q&A with Director Sergio Pedro Ros and Special Guests – Free Advance Screening
Apr 5 @ 7:30 pm

Free Screening.   Doors and Pre-Screening Reception at 7pm; Film at 7:30pm.

The Frida Cinema is proud to partner with University of California, Irvine and the Bowers Museum – with the support of the the Humanities for All Grant made possible by California Humanities, UC-Mexus, and UCI Illuminations – on Latin American Studies in Motion, a series of cultural events, including four films presented at The Frida, which reflect Latin American history, culture, and recent social and environmental change.  We are proud to open this series with a special Sneak Preview of director Sergi Pedro Ros’s extraordinary new documentary, Laberinto Yoéme, which will be followed by an in-person Q&A with Sergi Pedro Ros, producer Cesar Talamantes, and Tomás Rojo, a leader of the Yaqui tribe.

Laberinto Yoéme is a documentary feature film that chronicles the on the hardships of the Yaqui Tribe people of Sonora, and their ancestral defense of land and life.  Today, Yaquis find themselves in a decisive battle – since 2010, Sonora’s Government, through the Independence Aqueduct, has been illegally transferring millions of cubic meters of water from the Yaqui River, causing a severe and life-threatening water shortage for the tribe. At the same time, their territory has been infested with drugs and violence. In this moment of crisis, the Yaqui have begun incandescent political fights and acts of resistance to preserve their lands, their waters, their existence, and their cultural identity, with the hope of finding a way out of this labyrinth.

Milenaria y guerrera, la Tribu Yaqui defiende su existencia. Desde 2010, el gobierno de Sonora desvía ilegalmente 75 millones de metros cúbicos de agua al año del río Yaqui. El despojo ha desatado lucha y resistencia. Paralelamente, los yaquis ven inundado su territorio de metanfetamina; ante dicha agresión, buscan respuesta en lo más profundo de su identidad cultural.