March 23, 2018 @ 12:30 pm

From Sony Pictures Classics comes the mesmerizing A Fantastic Woman (Una Mujer Fantástica), Chile’s official submission to the 2018 Academy Awards.

Featuring a tour de force performance by Daniela Vega, winner of the Best Actress award from the Fenix Film Awards, A Fantastic Woman is the story of Marina, a young waitress and aspiring singer, who is deeply in love and planning a future with Orlando, an executive who is 20 years her senior. After experiencing his shocking death, Marina is left unable to mourn as she deals with doctors, police officers, and Orlando’s own family who view her with suspicion and distrust, based solely on the basis of her being a trans woman. After being denied her apartment and her dog, she is prohibited from attending Orlando’s funeral, a final blow that strengthens Marina’s resolve to speak her mind, follow her heart, and exercise her right to mourn her lost love. 

A nominee for this year’s Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film, A Fantastic Woman has already received laurels from the Berlin International Film Festival, the San Sebastián International Film Festival, and the National Board of Review, who named the film one of the Top Five Foreign Language Films of 2017.

Presented in Spanish with English subtitles.

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“*****.  It may be a timely film, but it is its timelessness, as well as its depths of compassion, that qualify it as a great one.” – Ryan Gilbey, Guardian

“The title of Sebastián Lelio’s new film might seem a bit on the nose. It’s a fantastic movie. Daniela Vega, the star, is fantastic in it. Quote me in the ads, with exclamation points if you must. My work here is done.” – A.O. Scott, New York Times

“If not for Vega’s vitality, and Lelio’s unerring pace, the story might be unbearable. Instead, despite all the heartache, it plays as a study in the resilience that flows from a woman’s fundamental decency.” – Stuart Klawans, The Nation