Friday, July 28


We’re closing out our July, 2017 Friday Night Freakouts series with a cult oddity that truly needs to be seen to be believed – especially when you consider who wrote it…

Maestro of Sexploitation Russ Meyer had made a name of himself with such micro-budget B-movies as Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and Vixen!, and in 1970 beleaguered studio 20th Century Fox took a gamble by financing this in-name-only “sequel” to 1967 melodrama Valley of the Dolls – and it paid off historically.  Made for a modest $900,000 (that’s about $4.5 million today), written by Meyer’s friend Roger Ebert (yes, that Roger Ebert), and slapped with an X-rating, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls would go on to gross over ten times that amount, become a cult classic that persevered on midnight-movie screens for decades, and ultimately garner the Criterion Collection treatment.  All this for a movie about an all-girl rock band goes to Hollywood to make it big, only to descent into a cesspool of decadence – and that’s before the notorious climactic costume party…


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