November 30, 2018 @ 8:00 pm

Join us November 30th as Bombs Away Show! returns with a 30th Anniversary Screening of the film that daringly ripped off E.T. The Extra Terrestrial while changing the face of product placement forever, 1988’s Mac and Me!

  • Get two shows for the price of one as Bombs Away! follows their screening of the film that usually winds up on in the #1 spot of Top 10 Bad Movies lists, then sit back and enjoy a live recording of Bombs Away, the B-Movie comedy podcast that rips on the best of the worst. Your hosts will take the stage and dissect every piece of the movie we just experienced, and invite you to participate with an audience Q&A during the show!
  • Step into a themed event that transports you into 1988 – and the film’s infamous McDonald’s birthday party scene!
  • Every pre-order comes with a Happy Meal! Get a burger, fries, drink and a prize when you pre-order tickets!
From the far reaches of space, a family of extraterrestrials finds themselves accidentally transported to Earth. Escaping from a government facility, the youngest of this alien brood is separated from the others. Now alone, afraid, and millions of miles from home, this Mysterious Alien Creature (MAC) must rely on the kindness and friendship of a very special boy named Eric (Jade Calegory) in order to survive this strange new world.  (Is this starting to sound familiar?)   With the help of Eric’s family and friends, they’ll undertake the journey of a lifetime to reunite MAC with his family!

Director Stewart Raffill’s film co-stars Christine Ebersole (Ri¢hie Ri¢h) and Jonathan Ward (FernGully: The Last Rainforest), and features the best use of choreographed fast food restaurant dance sequences the universe has ever seen!

Don’t wait for tickets to sell out! You wouldn’t want to miss out on this one-night-only event!

$15 Ticket Includes:
– The McDonalds and Coca-Cola Pre-Show” with hilarious clips from commercials past and movies featured on Bombs Away and B-horror movies!
– A high-def screening of Mac and Me!
Bombs Away does Mac and Me, a live comedy podcast with special guests!
– Multiple Photo Opportunities!

80s attire encouraged!  Rum and Coca-Cola Slushies on sale (for our 21+ guests, of course)! 

Special Rental Event.  Frida Cinema comp passes and Memberships discounts not valid.