March 17, 2019 @ 10:00 pm

From A24 and director Gaspar Noé—who brought us Irreversible, Enter the Void, and Love—comes Climax, a hypnotic and hallucinatory portrayal of a party that descends into delirium over the course of a night.

A troupe of young dancers gathers in a remote, empty school to rehearse—and then party into the night. But the celebration turns nightmarish when the dancers realize they’ve been pounding cups of sangria spiked with powerful LSD. Throughout their journey from jubilation to chaos, we become privy to crushes, rivalries, and violence amid a collective psychedelic meltdown.

Featuring Sofia Boutella of Atomic Blonde, along with a cast of professional dancers, Climax is Noé’s most brazen and visionary statement to date!

Written and directed by Gaspar Noé | 95 minutes | 2019 | Rated R

Friday, March 15 – 11:55pm
Saturday, March 16 – 12pm, 2:30pm, 5pm
Sunday, March 17 – 10pm
Monday, March 18 – 10pm
Tuesday, March 19 – 11:30pm
Wednesday, March 20 – 11:30pm
Thursday, March 21 – 11:30pm


“Climax isn’t so much about the inevitability of chaos, but about the sadness of watching something beautiful fall apart. And it is never less than electrifying.” – Bilge Ebiri, Village Voice

“Noé is giving us a cinema of sensual outrageousness and excess that makes other films look middleaged and tame.” – Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

“Climax is an orgy of youthful enthusiasm, beautifully humanistic repugnance, compellingly animalistic repulsion, dazzlingly choreographed exhilaration and assuredly controlled grace; all soaked in hallucinogen-spiked sangria.” – Harris Dang, The AU Review