DRY BLOOD + Q&A with Kelton Jones & Clint Carney!

January 12, 2019 @ 1:30 pm

Epic Pictures, a rising new name in indie horror distribution, partners with popular horror site Dread Central to present Dry Blood!  Join us for our 1:30pm screening on Saturday for a post-screening filmmaker Q&A!

Determined to conquer his alcoholism after several failed attempts at sobriety, Brian Barnes (Clint Carney) returns to his mountain vacation home, surrounded by houses that have been emptied during the snowless off-season. A quiet ghost town seems like the perfect place for Brian to begin putting his life back together, but his efforts are soon thwarted by a sadistic local Sheriff — and ghastly visions of ghosts, which may or may not be hallucinations brought on by his withdrawal.  As he begins to investigate these strange new proceedings, Brian finds himself unraveling the horrifying secret past of the very cabin he has isolated himself in. 

Friday, January 11 – 10pm
Saturday, January 12 – 1:30pm followed by Q&A!
Sunday, January 13 – 10:30am
Monday, January 14 – 12pm
Tuesday, January 15 – 12pm
Wednesday, January 16 – 12pm
Thursday, January 17 – 12pm