February 2, 2018 @ 11:00 pm

Spend Friday night at The Frida with Craig and Smokey in F. Gary Gray’s 1995 cult comedy hit Friday!
Rapper Ice Cube, after appearing in such hard-hitting films as Boyz N the Hood and Higher Learning, plays his first comic role in this picture he co-wrote with frequent musical collaborator DJ Pooh. In Friday, Craig (Ice Cube) manages to get fired on his day off (though he claims it’s through no fault of his own), so he spends the day hanging out with his buddy Smokey (Chris Tucker) and trying to avoid his father (John Witherspoon), who wants him to find another job immediately. Smokey (whose name might have something to do with his tremendous fondness for marijuana…) has even more serious problems; he was given $200 worth of weed to sell by Big Worm (Faizon Love), but he ended up smoking it instead. If Smokey can’t come up with the money by the end of the day, he’ll be in a world of hurt – and by association, so will Craig. Meanwhile, Deebo (Tom “Tiny” Lister, Jr.), a gargantuan bully who roams the neighborhood on his bicycle, has it in for Craig, only adding to Craig’s troubles.
Featuring an iconic hip-hop soundtrack including tracks by such artists as Dr. Dre, Cypress Hill, Mack 10, and Funkdoobiest, as well as old-school R&B selections from The Isley Brothers, Roger, and Rose Royce, Friday was Ice Cube’s response to a predominance of films in the 1990’s – such as Boyz N the HoodColors, Menace II Society – that portrayed life in South Central Los Angeles as violent and menacing.   As the award-winning producer told Complex Magazine, “We had fun in the hood; we used to trip off the neighborhood.” 
Friday has energy, and sass, and the nerve to suggest that the line between tragedy and comedy may be in the bloodshot eye of the beholder.” – Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly
“Synthesizes blaxploitation and pot-comedy genres and melds them into a colossus of unending laughs.” – Phil Villarreal, Arizona Daily Star
“Dirty, offensive, infantile, and may launch a few sanctimonious opinion columns. And I mean that in the nicest way.” – Desson Thomson, Washington Post