Friday, July 21


Remember 1995? Amazing time, right? Computers were programmed by waving your hands in the air in front of a dozen floating, glowing lights; guys would have to complete a series of hacks all over town – with the aid of several pay phones – to score a date with a girl; teenagers would talk to each other in some form of cyber code; kids still fell for the “roof on the ceiling” prank; and rollerblading was all the rage.

At least that’s 1995 in the world of HACKERS, director Iain Softley’s admittedly stylish, but otherwise somewhat baffling blend of The Breakfast Club, The Net, Gleaming the Cube, and Sneakers, propelled by a fantastic electronic/techno soundtrack, weighed down by comatose performances by leads Johnny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie, occasionally lifted by the Woody-Woodpecker-on-crack stylings of Matthew Lillard.

And then there’s Fisher Stevens and Lorraine Bracco as what might be the least intimidating villains in cinema history.

A movie that counts on its audience to know absolutely ZERO about how computers work, Hackers is a well-intentioned mess of a film that is nevertheless consistently watchable – and for many, a slice of 90’s nostalgia as beloved as Pogs.

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