HAUSU (HOUSE) – Friday Night Freakouts at The Frida

October 20, 2017 @ 11:00 pm

Unearthed and remastered by the good folks at Janus Films in 2009 after languishing in obscurity since its release in Japan in 1977, director Nobuhiko Ôbayashi’s singularly stylish and absolutely deranged horror oddity  Hausu finally saw the light of day in New York art houses – and cinephiles haven’t stopped talking about it since.

Sincere surreal ghost tale?  Clever self-aware satire of psychedelic horror?  Hausu is an alternately hilarious and hallucinatory head trip about young schoolgirl Gorgeous (Kimiko Ikegami) (Kimiko Ikegami), who wants to avoid spending summer vacation with her father’s eerily placid girlfriend. She opts instead to live at her ailing aunt’s creaky country home, bringing six classmates with her.  What they didn’t expect – and really, neither could even the most avid of horror film fans – are the horrors that wait within the evil house, a kaleidoscopic orgy of bloodthirsty pianos, demonic cats, floating severed heads, and maybe a musical number or two…

Hausu will be presented in Japanese, with English subtitles.