September 15, 2017 @ 11:00 pm

OC Weekly presents Friday Night Freakouts – every Friday night at 11pm at The Frida Cinema!  On September 15, join us as we crank up the volume for a dose of HEAVY METAL!

Based on the popular magazine of the same name, this born-of-the-80’s animated cult film interweaves six visionary stories of science fiction and fantasy, set to a soundtrack featuring of-the-moment rock superstars such as Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Cheap Trick, Devo, Donald Fagen, Grand Funk Railroad, Sammy Hagar, Journey, Nazareth and Stevie Nicks!

Part horror, part sci-fi fantasy, and all out madness, Heavy Metal follows the Loc-Nar, the source of ultimate evil, through time and space. Each tale is more fantastic and mind bending than the last!  Come see it for the animation, the rocking soundtrack, or the famous (infamous?) gratuitous animated nudity!

Rated R.  Directed by Gerald Potterton, 91 mins.