LEPRECHAUN: Presented by HorrorBuzz.com

March 22, 2019 @ 8:00 pm

Join us March 22nd as HorrorBuzz.com returns to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day weekend at The Frida with Leprechaun!

Leave it to the 1990’s, and writer-director Mark Jones, to turn a once cheery Holiday icon and yummy breakfast cereal mascot into one of horror cinema’s most unlikely franchise-launching monsters.  J.D. Redding (John Sanderford) and his daughter Tory (Jennifer Aniston) rent a house for the summer, unaware that the property’s owner stole 100 gold coins from a leprechaun (Willow’s Warwick Davis) while on vacation in Ireland, then locked him in a crate, held at bay by a four-leaf clover.  Of course, our foolish protagonists unwittingly unleash the leprechaun, setting the stage for a murderous rampage – and some truly fantastic one-liners.

A modest box office success that went on to spawn six sequels and a remake, Leprechaun has gone on to become a cult classic, generally considered to be one of the worst horror films of the 1990’s while nevertheless being a staple among B-movie horror fans – particularly around St. Patrick’s Day.  Hosted by HorrorBuzz, your one-stop spot for all horror news on scary movies, haunt attractions, mazes, games, VR, books, family-friendly horror entertainment, and all things Halloween! Learn more about HorrorBuzz at Horrorbuzz.com!

Directed by Mark Jones | 1993 | 92 minutes | Rated R

Friday, March 22 – 8pm

“Davis’ malicious, malevolent, but inescapably comic deportment that really sets Leprechaun’s mood and which no doubt helped to establish the franchise as a viable commodity. Leprechaun traffics resolutely in hoary horror clichés, but it does so with a bit of a wink and a jig, nicely balancing chills with giggles.” – Blu-ray.com

“So yes, Leprechaun is breathtakingly stupid, but it does offer a few diversions: Aniston struggling mightily to keep her dignity (and almost succeeding!), gales of unintentional laughter, and some crazy-bad special effects.” Flavorwire

“Leprechaun is a good movie for St. Patrick’s Day because the beer will help you sit through it. Once it gets up and running it’s mildly entertaining, but I can remember my first time watching it in the mid-nineties and finding it quite terrifying.” –  Severed-Cinema.com