March 16, 2019 @ 8:00 pm

From visionary music video and feature film director Jonas Åkerlund (Spun, Rammstein: Paris) comes the explosive true story of a music scene whose aggressively nihilistic aesthetic spilled over into fatal acts of violence, the black metal thriller Lords of Chaos.
Starring Rory Culkin, Emory Cohen, and Jack Kilmer, the film is a blend of surrealistic shocks and deadpan cynicism that recreates the the exploits of the Norwegian black metal movement’s most notorious band: Mayhem. Its founder, Øystein Aarseth, better known as Euronymous, was one of the originators of the annihilating metal guitar sound that burst onto the scene in the early ’90s. After the gruesome suicide of vocalist Per Yngve Ohlin, who performed under the pseudonym “Dead,” Euronymous used the opportunity to inject a mix of satanism, havoc, and murder into the music to sell more records. Unfortunately, bassist Varg Vikernes began to take Euronymous’s headline-grabbing talk too literally, and embarked on a spree of church burnings, ultimately forming a deadly rivalry between the two bandmates that culminated in an infamous and bloody end.
The film made its world premiere to critical acclaim earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival, and has since continued to build momentum with turns at Fantastic Fest, Beyond Fest, and more.
Directed by Jonas Åkerlund | 112 minutes | 2019 | Rated R
Viewer discretion advised.  

Friday, March 15 – 11pm
Saturday, March 16 – 8pm, 11pm
Sunday, March 17 – 10pm
“Åkerlund stages the film’s violence with an unsettling, unflinching reality, to drive home the difference between entertainment and the real world.” – Adam Graham, Detroit News
“Of all the works about Norwegian black metal, ‘Lords Of Chaos’ is perhaps the one that best manages the combination of macabre and silly.” – Vincent Mancini, FilmDrunk
“Recreates a dark chapter in the history of extreme heavy metal, while exploring the link between fanaticism and violence with brutal clarity.” – Matthew Pejkovic, Matt’s Movie Reviews