MAGNOLIA: The Films of Paul Thomas Anderson

June 18, 2018 @ 12:30 pm

Our six-film tribute to the films of Paul Thomas Anderson concludes with 1999’s Magnolia.

There’s ambitious cinema…and then there’s Anderson’s sprawling epic Magnolia.  A potent mix of character-driven drama and sophisticated, dark comedy that interweaves nearly a dozen fully realized characters and situations to great success, Magnolia boasts one of the finest casts ever assembled, featuring Tom Cruise in his Oscar-nominated role as sexist motivational speaker Frank T.J. Mackey, Jason Robards, Julianne Moore, John C Reilly, Philip Seymour Hoffman, William H Macy, Philip Baker Hall, and Luiz Guzman, just to name a few. Over three mesmerizing interwoven hours, Anderson’s camera follows them while they are all in varying stages of crisis, with perfectly edited subplots and intersections.

Described by Anderson himself as “probably the best film I’ll ever make,” Magnolia is audacious, operatic cinema, bolstered by a wonderful script and invested performances . A truly singular experience. 

1999. Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. 183 min. Rated R.

Monday, June 18 – 12:30pm, 4pm, 8pm
Tuesday, June 19 – 12:30pm, 4pm, 8pm

“Magnolia is the kind of film I instinctively respond to. Leave logic at the door. Do not expect subdued taste and restraint, but instead a kind of ecstasy.” – Roger Ebert, At The Movies

“Magnolia knows that life’s randomness can also produce hope, humor and love. And it shows that in ways that more calculated feelgood movies can’t fathom.” –Steven Rosen, Denver Post

“One of the most enthralling and exhilarating American movies in ages.”  – Derek Adams, Time Out