Member Screening: VERTIGO: 4K Restoration + Official Mural Unveiling

August 22, 2018 @ 7:30 pm

FRIDA CINEMA FILM CLUB: Members-Only Free Screening!

On Wednesday, August 22nd, we invite our card-carrying Frida Cinema Film Club Members to join us as we celebrate the 60th Anniversary of one of classic cinema’s greatest masterpieces, Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo – as well as the Official Unveiling of a new work of art at The Frida, our new Lobby Mural!  Members, click here to attend!

About Vertigo
We are pleased to present Universal Pictures’ new 4K Remaster of Vertigo, painstakingly restored on the occasion of the film’s 60th Anniversary!  When it was first released in 1958, Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece stunned audiences with its subversive and lurid take on obsession at its most unhinged – no doubt this was aided by the inspired casting of James Stewart against type as Scottie Ferguson, a former detective who gave up his gig after his acrophobia (fear of heights) resulted in the death of a fellow officer.  Living a solitary life in San Francisco, Scottie is approached by a former colleague who asks him to investigate his wife Madeline (Kim Novak), who he fears may be possessed by a spirit.  Accompanied by Bernard Herrmann’s hypnotic score, Scottie proceeds to follow Madeline through the streets, parks, and galleries of San Francisco, laboring to solve an increasingly labyrinthine mystery as he starts to find himself intoxicated by the enigmatic Madeline’s beauty.

A universally acclaimed film, Vertigo is often found among the top entries in countless “Best of” lists, and even recently dethroned Citizen Kane’s 40-year reign at the top of Sight and Sound’s “Greatest Films of All Time” poll.

About The Mural
Event will open with a reception in the lobby as we officially unveil our new Lobby Mural!  Designed by Orange County-based artist Trace Mendoza, and painted by Mendoza and fellow artist Ry Beloin, our mural – a celebration of the eclectic and diverse spirit of Art House Cinema programming, from classic to cult to international and beyond – is a wonderful new permanent feature at our cinema which is being made possible by a generous grant from the John C. Griswold Family Foundation.  We thank the John C. Griswold Family Foundation, and our friend and fellow film-lover Brett Griswold, for their partnership and support!

This event is FREE to Frida Cinema Film Club Members only!  No need to RSVP – just show your card, or give us the name your Film Club Member account is under, at the door!  Not a Member yet?  Click here to join!  The Frida Cinema Film Club is composed of our most dedicated and passionate supporters and fellow film lovers; as a Frida Cinema Film Club Member, you help us pursue our mission to bring unique repertory and independent cinema to your community, and score great discounts and Members Only perks along the way!   For more information on joining the club, email!

“**** Vertigo, which is one of the two or three best films Hitchcock ever made, is the most confessional, dealing directly with the themes that controlled his art.” -Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times

“The lure of death, the power of the past, the guilty complicity of a clean-cut hero, the near-fetishistic use of symbol and color: these Hitchcock hallmarks are all mesmerizingly on view.” –Janet Maslin, New York Times

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. 1958. 128 mins. Rated PG.