PUMPKINHEAD: 30th Anniversary Screening presented by HorrorBuzz

October 29, 2018 @ 7:30 pm

Our friends at HorrorBuzz.com return to their regular last-Monday-of-the-month night at The Frida to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of a true 80’s horror classic – Oscar-winning special-FX maestro Stan Winston’s directorial debut, the ultra-spooky 1988 yarn Pumpkinhead!

After his son dies in a hit-and-run accident, a heartbroken Ed Harley (Lance Henriksen) seeks revenge against the teenagers responsible. With the help of a local witch (Florence Schauffler), Ed summons the vengeful demon Pumpkinhead to hunt and kill the group of friends. After the bloodletting begins however, Ed begins to have second thoughts about unleashing the vicious monster, and endeavors to stop Pumpkinhead’s murderous rampage before it’s too late.

This special screening is brought to you by your one-stop spot for all horror news on Scary Movies, Haunts, Halloween, Mazes, Games, VR, Books and Family Friendly horror entertainment – HorrorBuzz.com!   The HorrorBuzz.com team will be on hand to hook lucky audience members up with giveaways trivia factoids about the film!

Monday, October 29 – 7:30pm

“Pumpkinhead is horror, fantasy, supernatural thriller and tragedy all wrapped up in an enthralling, phatasmagorically realized whole.” – Dustin Putman, TheBluFile.com

“Delivers more than ample amounts of full-bodied fantasy.” – Derek Adams, Time Out 

“In spite of being thirty years old, this monster movie is still harrowing, creepy, and better than modern horror fare.” – Felix Vasquez Jr., Film Threat

Directed by Stan Winston. 1988. 86 minutes. Rated R.