REEFER MADNESS: 4/20 Roadshow 2K Restoration!

April 20, 2019 @ 8:00 pm

Celebrate 4/20 at The Frida Cinema with American Genre Film Archive (AGFA)’s new 2K Roadshow Restoration of Reefer Madness – the 1936 the wacky-tobacky cult classic that shocked a generation!  

This landmark propaganda gigglefest is back in a new uncut 2K presentation which also features vintage trailers, commercials and ephemera from the AGFA vaults!  Reefer Madness is one of the first unintentional cinematic gutbusters, a proto-noir melodrama so preposterous it’s like a transmission from Mars. Originally an Afterschool Special for the tent revival set, a modern Reefer Madness viewing is a hilarious romp through the American establishment’s bottomless paranoia — proving how far we’ve come, and how far we’ve yet to go.

Directed by Louis Gasnier | 66 minutes | 1936 | Rated PG

One night only – Saturday, 4/20 at 8pm!

“The ultimate camp film: a sensationalistic account of a subject its filmmakers obviously knew nothing about.” – Cult Movies

“This is the JAWS of midnight movies.” – New York Times

“One of the most absurdly earnest exercises in paranoia you’ll ever have the good fortune to see.” – Time Out


Reefer Madness (AGFA trailer) from American Genre Film Archive on Vimeo.