RuPAUL’S DRAG RACE: Season 10 Episode 9 – Free Viewing Event!

May 17, 2018 @ 10:30 pm

By popular demand, our FREE late-show screenings of RuPaul’s Drag Race return to The Frida, Thursday nights starting at 10:30pm!

This Thursday, Isabella Xochitl returns as our fabulously breathless Drag Host — with a very special screening of The Quiet Roomfeaturing Alaska!!!

FREE event! First-come, first-served – we’ve only got 200 seats, and once they’re taken, we’re closing doors! So come early – doors open at 10pm, pre-show starts at 10:30pm, with our commercial-free episode starting at 11:00pm! Show up in drag for your choice of free medium popcorn or medium fountain drink!

…and yes, we’re starting at 10:30pm. We’ve got fantastic art films and awesome classics to screen darlings – it’s what we do! – so no you won’t be getting your Drag Race fix live, but trust us – waiting an extra couple of hours to see Drag Race on a massive screen, in a theater full of shrieking fans, and kicked off by a drag performance by local drag celebrity Isabella Xochitl is way more fun that watching the show right at 8pm on your emotionally-unstable roommate’s cat-piss-scented couch. Plus we’ll have drinks on sale for our 21+ guests who remember to bring their ID’s! (The rest of you can stop trying! You’ll be old enough soon! Come to Drag Race, have a Sprite, and enjoy your youth while you have it!)