Monday, June 26: 8PM
Tuesday, June 27: 8PM

The Scott Pilgrim Picture Show returns June 30 and July 1!   Baby Driver opens in mainstream cinemas June 28!  Kick off a full week of Edgar Wright goodness with the two classic films that started it all – 2004’s SHAUN OF THE DEAD, and 2007’s HOT FUZZ – presented as a Double Feature!

That’s right, one measly ticket gets you four full hours (including a 15-minute intermission between films) of Action!, Horror!, Satire!, Classic film references!, Endlessly quotable lines!, and of course, Cornetto! as Wright assembles his ensemble of comedians together – namely, leads Simon Pegg and Nick Frost – for two of the funniest, most critically acclaimed British comedies of the new millennium!

First up it’s SHAUN OF THE DEAD at 8pm, Wright’s send up of the zombie phenomenon that became a phenomenon in its own right.  Pegg stars as Shaun, a 30-something slacker whose dull, easy existence of getting alternately drunk and high with best friend Ed (Nick Frost), and working an unfulfilling job at an electronics store, is starting to grate on girlfriend, Liz (Kate Ashfield).   Fed up, Liz breaks up with Shaun, tired of waiting for him to grow up and be an adult; but when their town is inexplicably overrun with zombies, Shaun gets a sudden and unexpected opportunity to do just that, becoming an unlikely hero in his resolve to protect Liz, his mother (Penelope Wilton), and his friends from the hungry hordes of the undead.  Described by Wright as a “rom-zom-com,” the description is much more than simply a humorous joke on genres – under Wright’s masterful direction, Shaun of the Dead manages to be genuinely side-splittingly hilarious, palpably terrifying, sweetly romantic, and even occasionally, surprisingly heartbreaking.

After a 15-minute intermission, Pegg Frost and Wright (and a few Shaun costars) return for HOT FUZZ, Wright’s award-winning 2007 follow-up! Here Wright sends up the “unsuspecting investigator in a strange land, and/or WAY over his head” genre, hurling films as disparate as The Wicker Man, Point Break, Bad Boys, Lethal Weapon, and Chinatown in his tale of noble former London constable Nicholas Angel (Pegg), who is assigned to the sleepy British village of Sandford, and paired up with a well-meaning oaf of a partner (Frost), when his team back at home get fed up with his self-righteousness (think The Wicker Man’s Sgt. Howie – who was portrayed by Edward Woodward, who not coincidentally joins several 1970’s horror/genre character actors in this film).  Soon after arriving however, several increasingly gruesome crimes start to plague the idyllic surroundings, and as Angel dedicates himself to solve the mystery, his list of suspects starts to grow, he hits roadblock after roadblock, and ultimately, he finds his own life in danger.  Good thing partner Danny Butterman has seen one too many Michael Bay films – and several times over… A rolicking, hilarious, and genuinely suspenseful yarn, Hot Fuzz is a true treat for film lovers, and specifically, for those of us who love to pick up the many cliches, stock character types, and red herrings inherent in police procedural dramas.

Our Standard Ticket prices of $10 General Admission / $8 Students and Military with ID, Seniors, and Children / and $7 for Members get you into BOTH films!

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