January 25, 2019 @ 11:00 pm

Our friends from are jumping in on our 20th Anniversary celebrations of many of the great films of 1999, and they chose what is arguably the scariest film of that year – and one of the scariest ever – The Blair Witch Project!

When three film students travel to Maryland to make a student film about local urban legend the Blair Witch, they set off into the woods on a two day hike to find answers – taking the audience along for the ride through the lens of their constantly recording cameras.  If you haven’t experienced directors Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez’ harrowing film on the big screen – if you haven’t found yourself in a darkened theater surrounded by the sights and sounds of an increasingly foreboding forest, twigs cracking around you in the dark night, the faint sound of laughter and whispering seeping through the thin protection of an ice-cold tent – you truly haven’t experienced The Blair Witch Project.  

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Friday, January 25 – 11pm

“I have seen the new face of movie horror and its name is The Blair Witch Project, a groundbreaker in fright that reinvents scary for the new millennium.” – Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

“I could tell you the story — give away every detail — and The Blair Witch Project would still freeze your blood.” – David Edelstein, Slate

“The Blair Witch Project” is the scariest movie I’ve ever seen. Not the goriest, the grossest, the weirdest, the eeriest, the sickest, the creepiest or the slimiest… Just flat out the scariest.” – Lloyd Rose, Washington Post