September 19, 2018 @ 7:30 pm

Our September Volunteer of the Month, Jordan Djahangiri, has chosen from the twisted, imaginative filmography of Greek filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos (Dogtooth, Alps, The Killing of a Sacred Deer) with his 2015 English-language film, The Lobster.

A satirical black-comedy about the societal constructs of relationships, The Lobster is set in a slightly alternate reality where humans are not allowed to live in society without a life partner; as such, singles are bussed to a hotel where they are forced to find love within 45 days, or be turn into an animal – the animal, at least, being their choice. When David (Colin Farrell) finds himself at the hotel after having been left by his wife for another man, he sets out to find a connection among various single women, lest be be transformed into his choice animal: a lobster.  After David takes his fate into his own hands by escaping the hotel, he finds an opportunity for love with a fellow “Loner” (Rachel Weisz) – but soon finds that the world of the Loners isn’t without its own oppressive constraints. An ironic take on the courting process, where love is propagandized and families are manufactured bureaucratically, Lanthimos’ The Lobster is an uncanny mirror of the most base rule placed on the individual and their place within society – submit to coupledom, or abandon your humanity and die alone.

Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos. 119 mins. Rated R.

Wednesday, September 19 – 5pm, 7:30pm
Thursday, September 20 – 5pm, 7:30pm

“Highly original and mordantly funny. Perfect for fans of Franz Kafka, Charlie Kaufman, and other bleak surrealists.” – Rafer Guzman, Newsday 

“The Lobster frightens and entertains, saddens and inspirits us – in this case, with a final vision of self-sacrifice and devotion that ultimately transcends society’s attempts to commodify and regulate the mystery of love.” – The New York Review of Books

“The Lobster is very much its own brand of horror movie, as well as a deranged thought experiment, a stealth love story, and a witty dismantling of the usual barriers separating man from beast.” – Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times