March 19, 2019 @ 9:30 pm

An instant sensation when it premiered to sold out screenings at Cannes in 1990, writer/director Philip Ridley’s haunting feature debut The Reflecting Skin is a darkly humorous, nightmarish vision of the American dream that went on to achieve cult status as an international VHS oddity.  Now, thanks to the good folks at Film Movement, The Reflecting Skin returns to art house cinemas in a gorgeous new restoration!

After his father fills his head with stories of vampires, 8-year-old Seth becomes convinced that the town recluse, a mysterious English widow named Dolphin Blue (Tony winner Lindsay Duncan), is a vampire who has been stealing the souls of his neighborhood friends one by one. When his older brother Cameron (Viggo Mortensen, in one of his first starring roles) returns home from military service in the Pacific and takes a liking to Dolphin, Seth feels it’s up to him to save Cameron from his friends’ fate.

With stunning visuals recalling Edward Hopper paintings, and a surreal blend of horror and humor, The Reflecting Skin is a “stunningly beautiful Gothic masterpiece” (The Guardian).  Reappraised in recent years for its dark atmosphere and dreamlike beauty, it is an unheralded essential horror/art house movie hybrid, finally given its due with Film Movement’s striking restoration and re-release!

Directed by Philip Ridley | 96 minutes | 1990 | Rated R | UK/Canada

Tuesday, March 19 – 9:30pm
Wednesday, March 20 – 7:30pm, 9:30pm
Thursday, March 21 – 9:30pm
“An amazing film, studded with selfless, luminous performances, and shot through with dark humor. It risks sheer over-the-top outrageousness at every turn, but is so simultaneously inspired and controlled that it gets away with everything.” – Kevin Thomas, LA Times

“The Reflecting Skin is a strange, at times wonderful film, one that leaves more questions open than answers. Its palate and performances collide in ways that seem unique decades on. While some of the moments are more risible than perhaps intended, as a complete work it’s an astonishing slice of strange cinema. Like me you may shake your head and wonder how the hell this thing got made at the time that it was, but like me you’ll be very glad that Ridley and company managed to bring it all together.” – Jason Gorber, Screen Anarchy

“Like an irrational but beautiful dream, The Reflecting Skin unfolds with a clarity that’s disturbing. It’s a true American Gothic, a movie in which breathtakingly blue skies and Van Gogh-gold wheat fields are unlikely witnesses to the horrors confronting eight-year-old Seth Cooper.” – Steve Davis, Austin Chronicle

Winner: Best Actress, Best Cinematography – Sitges Film Festival