WAJIB: Presented by Arab Film & Media Institute (AFMI)

July 21, 2018 @ 8:00 pm

Join the Arab Film and Media Institute (AFMI) for a special screening of award-winning film Wajib – Palestine’s Official Submission to the 90th Academy Awards! A charming and intimate road movie about community, Palestinian identity, and what connects us to home, Wajib stars real-life father and son Mohammad and Saleh Bakri as family members with vastly differing viewpoints.

After years abroad in Italy, Shadi (Saleh Bakri) returns to his native Nazareth. But this is no spectacular homecoming. He’s back somewhat begrudgingly to honour his “wajib” (or duty) to hand out invitations to his sister’s wedding with his father, Abu Shadi (played by Saleh Bakri’s real-life father, actor-director Mohammad Bakri).  The simmering tension between the two — who are often stuck in a car, more often than not in traffic — builds, exposing the sometimes-comic chasms that exist between men who live in different worlds but share an unshakable bond.

Since her award-winning debut, Salt of This Sea (2008), and When I Saw You (2012), writer-director Annemarie Jacir has explored the displacement of Palestinians. Now, for the first time, she looks at the experience of Palestinians living within Israel’s borders.  With its humor rooted in observational moments — and in the Bakris’ uncanny ability to convey all-too-relatable familial exasperation — Wajib is a touching tale that examines the easily blurred line between love and duty.

Special Rental Event.  No Frida Cinema passes or Member Discounts will be accepted.


Dubai International Film Festival 2017 
Muhr Award: Best Fiction Feature and Best Actor

Kerala International Film Festival 2017 
Golden Crow Pheasant: Best Film

Locarno International Film Festival 2017 
Don Quixote Award
Junior Jury Award “Environment Is Quality of Life” Prize
Special Prize – Best Film
ISPEC Cinema Award

London Film Festival 2017 
Best Film – Honourable Mention: Annemarie Jacir

Mar del Plata Film Festival 2017 ACCA 
Jury Prize 
Best Film
Best Actor

MedFF 2018 
Jury Prize

Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival 2017 
Youth Audience Award Best Film



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