May 18, 2019 @ 7:00 pm

In the history of countries, there are some events that impact and change their destination and sometimes the world. These events are brought about by men and women whose actions change the course of that nation, redefining the essentials, culture and its foundations for decades, centuries and in some cases millenniums.

The emergence of Zarathustra, the founder of the Zarathustrian faith in Iran, completely redefined the beliefs and culture of this nation. Not only was the whole nation transformed by this messenger of the first monotheistic faith of the region, but all the nations that became part of the Persian Empire were impacted by this event. Up to the present day, there has not been a comprehensive visual study of Zarathustra and his faith.

The motion picture documentary “Zarathustra the Golden Star” is the first and most unbiased documentary that looks into his life and faith. After eight years of extensive study in an international standard in English language, hundreds of hours of filming and tens of thousands of hours of editing this documentary comprised of seven episodes is ready for viewing by the public.

There will be personal presence and talks by the participants of the documentary at select episodes at the 7 PM viewing followed by Q & A on the subjects for that specific episode.

Episode 1 
— History
— Prologue
— Zarathustra a prophet or a philosopher
— When was Zarathustra born?
— The family tree of Zarathustra
— Different religions at the time of Zarathustra
— Hambandegi Prayer
— Mithra God of Light
— Anahita Goddess of Water
— Zarathustra according to Rudolph Steiner the founder of Anthroposophism
 —Zarathustra emerges as a monotheistic prophet
Saturday, May 18 — 7:00pm
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Tuesday, May 21 — 4:00pm
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