GREG SESTERO – Author of “The Disaster Artist,” and star of cult classic “The Room” – visits us Friday, March 2nd!

“This play can be played without any age restriction. It will work if the chemistry between all the characters makes sense. Human behavior and betrayal applies to all of us. It exists within ourselves. You love somebody. Do you? What is love?”

So begins Tommy Wiseau’s first draft of what eventually became the landmark film which continues to pack sold-out audiences into The Frida every last Saturday of the month, 2003’s The Room.   In celebration of The Room’s 15-year anniversary, we are excited to welcome Greg Sestero – Wiseau’s co-star, line producer, former roommate, and author of “The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room” – who will be coming down for a special live presentation one night only, Friday March 2nd!

If you’re a long-time Wiseau fan, you will not want to miss this rare insider’s glimpse into the original vision of one of the most iconic cinematic figures of the twenty-first century!  Greg will be presenting an exclusive screening of his behind-the-scenes documentary DISASTER ARTIST: My Life Inside THE ROOM, the Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made, and a live reading of portions of the first edition of Tommy’s screenplay – which features settings, dialogue, and plot devices that never made it on screen! 

And if you’re in our audience, you may end up getting picked to join along in the live reading as one of The Room’s (in)famous roster of characters!

Greg will also be reading selections from his hilarious real-life account that became The Disaster Artist, the Oscar-nominated film in which actor Dave Franco plays Sestero, and for which actor James Franco won this year’s Golden Globe for playing Wiseau!   PLUS, the event will also feature a sneak peak at Tommy and Greg’s 2018 reunion feature film BEST F(R)IENDS, and close with a Q&A and signing!

$15.  Special Event. No passes or Member Discounts will be honored. 


Special Event. No passes or Member Discounts will be honored.