The Frida Cinema Team

July 19, 2014

The Frida Cinema acknowledges those individuals who give so much of their time and energy to keeping our cinema running, and our programming strong.


Logan Crow, Executive Director, Programmer

Frank Unzueta, Operations Manager

Colleen Happ, Volunteer Calle Cuatro Sunday Matinees Manager

Nia Aguilar, Staff Member – Customer Service

Jake Ryan, Staff Member – Newsletter, Graphic Design, Customer Service

Paul Christian, Volunteer

Trevor Dillon, Volunteer

Noel Palacios, Intern, Video Editing

Shelby Predergast, Outdoor Cinema Projectionist and A/V Technician

Brent Firestone, Outdoor Cinema Sound Engineer

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Volunteers (100+ hours of service)
Christopher Berglund
Trevor Dillon
Lorena “Woody” Gonzalez
Colleen Happ
Andrew Johnson

ASSOCIATE PRODCUER Volunteers (50+ hours of service) 
Kevin Ha

Erica Medrano

Audrey Contreras-Duncan
Logan Crow
M. Giselle Crow
Colleen Happ
Jason Keyz
Tish Leon
Greg McEntyre
Luis Navarro
Brenda Rivera