What We Need

January 13, 2014

HelpNow in its fourth year of operations, The Frida Cinema is Orange County’s only non-profit art house cinema, a grass-roots effort championed by individuals dedicated to the art of cinema and accessibility to quality and diverse motion pictures and live experiences.   This movie house is independent, not part of a chain, and not affiliated or supported by any major corporations – it is very much a community project, and we need help from our community of arts and cinema enthusiasts to accomplish our mission: to enrich, connect, and educate communities through the art of cinema.

Please take a moment to review our list of needs, and e-mail us at thefridacinema@gmail.com, or call our Executive Director Logan Crow at (323) 428-7411,  if you can help!

  • CORPORATE SPONSORSHIPS!!  A gift from your company doesn’t just brand out in front of thousands of new eyes – it says, “My company is AWESOME, philanthropic, and supportive of its community, and understands and appreciates the value of cultural institutions in cities like Santa Ana!”  And with so much competition vying for attention, that’s the message you want to deliver to set you apart!
  • A PA SYSTEM!! We have one PA system, but as our programming expands, and more and more folks use The Frida for their special events, we’ve started to find that one isn’t enough!  If you have an old PA system laying around (we have the mics – just need the mixer and speaker!), we could use it!
  • AN ELECTRICIAN!!   We have some wiring repairs to do here and there (what’s a “ballast”??), and could use the help of a licensed electrician who digs the idea of helping out their local art house cinema – and could use the VERY vocal and visible acknowledgement from said cinema, as well as a tax write-off for their time!
  • A VACUUM CLEANER!!  Got an old commercial vacuum cleaner to spare?  If you’ve been to one our monthly Rocky Horror Picture Show performances, you KNOW we’ll put that thing to good use!
  • LIVE-EVENT SOUND AND LIGHTING UPGRADES!!  We are booking more and more live events, and are being rented by increasing numbers of community non-profit arts and performance groups for their own live performance events, and could really use some better live-event lighting and sound.  If you work in sound and/or lighting, or know someone who does, connect with us!
  • WINE!!  RUM!!  VODKA!!  Our Official Beer Sponsor is Old Orange Brewing Company.  We’ll never tire of telling folks that.  Old Orange Brewing Company, Old Orange Brewing Company, Old Orange Brewing Company.  You can visit them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/oldorangebrewing.  Want that same kind of recognition for your wine, vodka, or rum company?  The Frida Cinema often obtains Special Event liquor permits to complement a cinematic or live experience with drinks for our 21+ guests, and we’d love to welcome an Official Wine Sponsor, Official Rum Sponsor, and Official Rum Sponsor (and Official Tequila Sponsor for that matter!) to join OLD ORANGE BREWING COMPANY in our family of awesome sponsoring companies!
  • CARPET CLEANING SERVICES!!  A donated vacuum cleaner will really help us out, but thanks to the occasional stumble in the dark, our carpets are thick with Coca Cola, wine, a few Rocky Horror “rainstorms”…  Help us restore some elegance to our otherwise brand-new grey cinema carpets!
  • SONY SRXR515P 450-W 6 LAMP PACKAGE!!   Who knows, maybe you work for Sony!!  OK, we realize this one’s a bit specific, but one never knows.   They cost $1,650, and we need them once a year.  If you work for Sony, help us out! And if you don’t, but feel like donating $1,650 and smile proudly with the satisfaction that YOU lit our main auditorium’s screen for a full year, get in touch!!
  • THROW US A FUNDRAISER!!  Know a lot of people?  Think they’d be willing to spend some dough at a great event for a great cause?  Throw us a fundraiser screening or event!!  We’ll help you put it together!
  • SPONSORS!!  Advertising partners like Segerstrom Center for the Arts, Chunk-N-Chip Ice Cream, and Wursthaus know firsthand the value of spreading their message on our screens and social media.  Email us at thefridacinema@gmail.com for information as to how you can get your logo, message, and/or events on our big screens, and in front of over 30,000 new eyes on social media!


  • PRINTING SERVICES!!   Cheers to ASE Marketing Group – Official Print Sponsors of The Frida Cinema!  Learn more at www.aseprints.com!
  • A NEW MARQUEE!! Cheers to Gay Neighbors, Friends, and Families of Santa Ana for hosting a fundraiser which raised all the funds we needed to upgrade our marquee!
  • A GRAPHIC DESIGNER!!  Cheers to Tom Anthony for joining us as donating his valuable time to giving our branding and marketing a much-needed facelift!  See Tom’s work at www.teanthony.com!
  • SIGNAGE!!  Cheers to our 2015 Indiegogo Donors for helping us finally get our name on our marquee, and light-boxes on our 4th Street facade!
  • A MAC!! Cheers to Sean Coolidge for donating an amazing (and massive!) Apple computer to The Frida!  
  • AN iPAD/TABLET!! Once again – three cheers for Sean Coolidge, philanthropist extraordinaire!
  • PAINT!! Cheers to Sherman Williams for donating 25 gallons of paint!

Email us at thefridacinema@gmail.com if you can help!!  If you have items or services that are not on this list, but that you think an indie cinema could probably use, you’re probably right!   Email us and ask away!