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The Frame: A Frida Kahlo Tribute Art Show- Art Show Submission Guidelines & Submission Form

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This February-March, The Frida Cinema will be celebrating our 10th anniversary with a lobby art show honoring our namesake and inspiration, Frida Kahlo!

We are pleased to invite Southern California-based artists to submit art inspired by, or featuring Frida Kahlo.  Take a moment to familiarize yourself with our Submission Guidelines; then when you are ready to submit your art for consideration, fill out the form below and submit, and art show curator Bekah Phillips will be in touch! If you have any additional questions, please contact

When is the show?

The Frame: A Frida Kahlo Tribute Art Show will run from February 1-March 31

By when do I need to submit my art?  And when will I be notified that it’s been accepted for inclusion?

To submit your art for consideration, complete the form below.  Photos of your art must be uploaded as part of the form submission process.  All submissions must be in by 12AM Monday, January 22nd.  Artists will be notified as to whether or not their art will be included in the show by EOD Tuesday, January 26

What if I have more than one work of art to submit?

While we cannot guarantee that every piece submitted will be accepted due to limited space, artists are welcome to complete a separate submission form for each work you would like to submit for consideration.

If my art is accepted, when will my art need to be dropped off?

All accepted art work must be dropped off at The Frida Cinema starting Jan 23, with a hard deadline on Tuesday, January 30th

What size does my art need to be?

For this show we do not have size limits for submitted pieces, but keep in mind that our lobby is limited in size, so we recommend that pieces do not exceed 20′ x 36′

Where will my art be displayed?

Your art piece will be displayed in our lobby throughout February and March

What are the films I can choose to design a piece for?

While this art show isn’t film-centric, all pieces must be inspired, or featuring Frida Kahlo

If my art is accepted and sells, what percentage of the sale price goes to the artist?

The Frida Cinema is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, and our Lobby Art Shows serve as one of our methods of raising funds for our organization and mission. We nevertheless believe an artist should be entitled to the majority of their sale, so The Frida Cinema only keeps 40% of the sale, with the artists keeping 60%. Please make sure to price your art accordingly. All sales will be processed through The Frida on our shop page, and in person at The Frida.

Can I submit a piece that’s not for sale?

As our Lobby Shows serve as one of our methods for raising funds for our organization and mission, we do not accept pieces that are not for sale.

If my piece sells, will it be kept up throughout the show, or go home with the buyer immediately?

We want folks to see your beautiful art throughout the show – even after it sells!  At the same time, we understand that some buyers need to take their purchased art home right away (i.e. if the art is a gift, or the buyer is only in town temporarily).  As such, when a work of art is purchased, we will ask the buyer if we can hold on to it through the show (buyers will need to provide contact information for coordinating artwork pick ups after the show) .  If they say yes, we will put a sticker on its tag indicating that it’s been sold, and will contact the buyer after the show to let them know their art is ready to be picked up. If they say no, we will gladly let them take their new piece home.

If my art doesn’t sell, how long do I have to pick it up?  And do I have the option of donating it to the cinema?

Bekah will inform artists as to whether or not their art sold.  If your art does not sell, you will have two weeks to pick it up, or until Saturday, December 15th. You are also welcome to donate your art to The Frida Cinema (we love when artists donate their works to us, and truly appreciate it!), and you will receive a letter acknowledging your in-kind donation.  Please note: If you do not pick up your art by April 10th, we will assume your work has been donated to The Frida Cinema.

Can I mail my piece to The Frida?  Or can I have the piece mailed back to me if it doesn’t sell?

Again this show is open to Orange County-based artists only, but we understand if for whatever reason you need your art shipped.  If you do choose to ship your art, either to the cinema before the show or back to you after, please note that artists are responsible for all shipping and delivery fees, and nay damages that may occur during transit. If you do choose to ship, do not ship directly to The Frida.  Our shipping address is:

The Frida Cinema
c/o Bekah Phillips, Submissions
204 N. Broadway STE P
Santa Ana, CA 92701

What format of art is accepted?

All mediums are welcome (including digital art, small sculptures, etc!), at this time we are not accepting pieces created using AI technology.  All art must be dropped off completely dried and framed, ready to be hung.

Please complete the following submission form for each piece you would like to submit for submission, and don’t forget to hit Submit when done!  Thank you, and we’ll be in touch!

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 3 files.

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