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Author: Aaron A. Aaronson

Renown for his award-winning video essay series on the films of Kenneth Anger, film blogger Aaron A. Aaronson comes to us from the rural town of Sandford, Gloucestershire, UK. Aaron enjoys hiking, element collecting, and model villages.
At The Frida

Pacific Rim Outdoor Screening Canceled and Rescheduled

Due to inclement weather, tonight’s outdoor screening of Pacific Rim has been canceled and rescheduled.

At The Frida

Camp Frida 6: Holiday Horrors on October 15th!

Join us on October 15th for Camp Frida 6: Holiday Horrors, an all-night marathon of holiday-themed horror movies!

At The Frida

KAOS Presents Shadowcast Surprise Cult Soup Friday Night!

Join our award-winning Rocky Horror shadowcast KAOS for Cult Soup, a special evening full of surprise performances and lip-syncing opportunities this Friday!


FREE Dia De Los Muertos Screening of Coco This Saturday!

Join us Saturday afternoon for a free screening of Pixar’s Coco in celebration of Dia de los Muertos!

At The Frida

Krzysztof Kieslowski’s Three Colors Trilogy

Join us this month for the Three Colors trilogy, a trio of films meant to represent the three ideals of the French Revolution!

At The Frida

Ana Lily Amirpour Live at The Frida for Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon!

Join us this Saturday night for an in-person Q&A with Ana Lily Amirpour, the director of Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon!

At The Frida

Visit The Frida Cinema Booth at Midsummer Scream This Weekend!

Come visit The Frida Cinema’s booth at Midsummer Scream this weekend!