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Author: Adrienne Reese

is a fan of all movies – the good, the bad, and the ugly – and enjoys opining on the matter to anyone who will ‘bend the ear’ to her musings. Adrienne also writes for various other cinema related websites.
Batman Returns

12 Days of Alternative Christmas Movies

To me, movies that explore depression, loneliness, or the effects of capitalism are much more true to the Christmas spirit than movies about elves, angels, finding true love, and the like. Some movies use Christmas themes in unconventional storylines or even use the holiday only as a backdrop: they may acknowledge the time of year but they do not necessarily leave that sugary sweet taste of Christmas cheer in our mouths. Below are 12 movies that I think embody the spirit of alternative Christmas cinema best.

Adam Green

Mr. Halloween: The Films & Career of Adam Green

Halloween has passed, but Green is a director whose work keeps the spooky spirit alive year-round. Every year for the last 20 years, Green and his loyal crew have released a new short movie in celebration of the Halloween season in addition to producing The Movie Crypt podcast and other various horror-focused internet shows. Green has also built a filmography of over 10 feature-length films under ArieScope Pictures, the production company that he cofounded.

Interview with the Vampire
Film Criticism

Adrienne’s Theory of Evolution: Vampire Cinema

The Lost Boys runs October 23rd–25th at The Frida Cinema Say it. Out loud… Vampire. Yes, that’s right, cinema’s best-known monster and arguably its oldest …


The Top 15 Fathers You May Meet at the Movies

While the month of June and Father’s Day have been when we celebrate dads and their contributions to our lives with ties and tool sets and macaroni art, film has been celebrating fathers since its earliest beginnings. No matter what kind of dad you have, cinema has some time-honored tropes it uses to portray them. Check out the 15 fathers you’ll meet at the movies and their best representations.


All About Arnie

This month, The Frida Cinema celebrates THE quintessential action star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has brought us classic action, family, comedy.

Film Criticism

10 Underappreciated Science Fiction Films

In that sentiment, I present some films that did not get the critical acclaim, awards, ticket sales they might have deserved upon release. Despite their stats, these are wholly good films that warrant their ungiven accolades.