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Author: Alec Swanepoel

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Film Threat Award This!

Join Film Threat and the Frida Cinema for a fundraiser supporting independent theaters! Film Threat’s Award This! is an event with a mission — to
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Frida Cinema hosting drive-in series of horror and cult classics with Tustin’s Mess Hall

Frida Cinema, the Santa Ana-based independent movie house, has teamed up with Tustin’s Mess Hall, a new chef-driven food market, to present cult and horror
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
Film Criticism

The Buzz Is Back: The 5 Best Horror Sequels

Thanks to our friends at Bombs Away Show, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is on its way back to The Frida Cinema! Departing from the
Batman Returns

A Very Gotham Christmas: Why Batman Returns Is A Great Christmas Movie

The second installment of Tim Burton's Batman franchise, Batman Returns is interesting for a number of reasons. It really feels like a Burton movie, with
Francis Ford Coppola Month
Films of the Past

Francis Ford Coppola — A Million Feet of Film

This August brings Francis Ford Coppola's 1979 Vietnam War epic Apocalypse Now back to the big screen. Apocalypse Now: Final Cut is a 4K restoration
Summer of '69
Films of the Past

Summer of ’69

The era of the film auteur may or may not have officially kicked-off in the Summer of '69, but some of the period's most memorable
Frailty: Otis the Axe
Films of the Past

Frailty: Faith or Fanaticism?

The Frida Cinema's Volunteer Pick for July: Bill Paxton's FRAILTY! A film Stephen King called "unique, thought-provoking, edge-of-the seat entertainment."