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Author: Austin Jaye

Austin enjoys aimlessly wandering around outside and taking years to finish one Dostoyevsky book. He also like writing and occasionally writing about film, but apparently not as much as he likes a good yo-yo.

The Gothic Holiday of Batman Returns

Where do I even start? This is probably the only question one can ask when they have just watched Batman Returns for the first time only two hours ago, and it’s gradually becoming more difficult to imagine returning to the version of myself who had somehow spent 24 years unaware of the operatic, relentlessly Gothic, kink-laden masterwork that Tim Burton dove headfirst into creating.


Frida Mixtapes: 5 Indigenous Films

As we go into a holiday celebrating the history of America, it is important to understand the other, less glamorous, perspectives. This list compiles some of the best Indigenous films, that are often largely unseen.

Film Criticism

. . . And A Very Happy Birthday to Ryan Gosling!

In celebration of actor Ryan Gosling’s birthday, we explore his performance in the Derek Cianfrance’s powerful 2010 drama Blue Valentine.

Film Criticism

Time: The Film of The Year

In the wake of the killings of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, documentary filmmaker Garrett Bradley offers an intense criticism of America’s prison industrial complex.

Film Criticism

I’m Thinking Of “I’m Thinking Of Ending Things”

A review of Charlie Kaufman’s bizarre and self-reflexive drama, I’m Thinking Of Ending Things.

Film Criticism

Y2K Films: “I’m Not a Mistake”: 20 Years of Unbreakable

There are probably far more pressing matters for me to concern myself with these days than talking about how I feel like I’ve known about M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable my entire life.