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Author: Kason Clark

Kason Clark is a recent graduate of Cal State Fullerton where he majored in communications with an emphasis in journalism and minored in cinema and television arts. For CSUF’s student newspaper, the Daily Titan, he served as a sports editor and contributed to the paper’s lifestyle page by writing movie reviews. For The Frida Cinema, Kason plans on sharing his passion for film even more with his writing. Kason wants a career either writing about film and television or sports because those are his greatest passions.

Mank: A Tribute to Mank

A review of David Fincher's newest Netflix film, Mank.
Morning Bell
Film Criticism

Best Dysfunctional Family Movies

The holiday season is the time for dysfunctional family gatherings. Here's a list of 4 of the best Dysfunctional Family movies.

Anakin Return Of The Jedi
Film Criticism

How I Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love The Star Wars Special Editions (Or At Least Accept Them)

The versions that I watched on these VHS tapes were also the same ones that millions of fans also watched when George Lucas originally released


Horrible Imaginings Film Festival: September 1st-7th, 2020

While film lovers continue to wait for movie theaters to re-open and enjoy the art of cinema with others, they can quench that thirst by

Airplane Lead.png
Film Criticism

Best Spoof Movies

Movie lovers usually just want to enjoy their typical western, space adventure, or disaster movie. Sometimes, however, viewers might want to cut these grand stories

Dial M Hed
Film Criticism

From the Stage to the Screen

William Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, and countless other playwrights throughout time have brought to life some of the best stories ever told.

Film Criticism

Kason Clark: The Films That Influenced Me

Here are the list of movies that influenced my love of cinema. I listed the films as I initially experienced them, from the movies that