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Author: Martin Angelo

is a movie watcher, writer, and co-host of the podcast Frightfully Uninformed. His work has been described as “writing” and “content”. Contrary to persistent rumors, Martin is not two german shepherds in a trench coat.

Universal Monsters Triple-Feature

Maybe you saw these movies for the first time at a drive in, or on lazy Sunday-afternoon TV. Maybe an older relative showed them to you, or maybe you sought them out after seeing their likeness in Bugs Bunny cartoons, or parodies like Young Frankenstein. Whatever the case, these movies hold a different place for everyone.

Police Story

A look at JACKIE CHAN in anticipation of our POLICE STORY + POLICE STORY 2 Double-Feature!

They might remember an unassuming, polite old man on a talk show or a familiar voice from an animated movie. They might think of him as a novel vestige of the past, who faded out of obscurity and will soon pass back into it… but that would be a mistake.