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Author: Martin Nguyen

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Tuesday Weather Forecast: Clear Skies and Mandy!

This Tuesday's (12/29) screening of Panos Cosmatos' 2019 midnight horror film Mandy will go on at Tustin's Mess Hall Market!
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5 Remastered Gems from AGFA Now Streaming

5 Brand New Cult Horror Classics from AGFA are streaming on our Eventive channel until Thursday, December 31st! Tickets are 6.50 per film!
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Today at 1PM! Tune Into Discreet Poetry of Cinema: ‘Then Comes The Evening’ Online Screening and Conversation

On Sunday, December 20th at 1pm PST, join us as The Frida Cinema partners with South East European Film Festival for an exclusive award-season screening ...
Wtf Wednesday Ep 2
Featured / Highlight

‘WTF Wednesdays’ Series Episode 2: Minor Premise,’ Featuring Guest Host/Frida Volunteer Adam Wagner!

Programmer Trevor Dillon returns with Episode 2 of his 'WTF WEDNESDAYS' series, tackling Director Eric Schultz's 2020 sci-fi thriller, Minor Premise. In this episode, ...
Manual Cinemas Christmas Carol

Encore! – Manual Cinema’s Christmas Carol: Live Stream Event!

Back by popular demand, for ONE MORE WEEKEND -- a unique live-theater presentation, beamed into your home from Chicago!
Manual Cinemas Christmas Carol

Encore!! — Manual Cinema’s Christmas Carol: Streaming Live Theater!



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Jingle Bell Rocks!


December 4th ...

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Film Criticism

Saying Goodbye to Sir Ian Holm: A Knight of the Arts (1931-2020)

On June 19th, 2020 the world said goodbye to a hero of the arts. From stage to film, sci-fi to fantasy, Sir Ian Holm did ...

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Live stream: This Cinematic Life’s Craig Duffy and ‘Becca’lise Deveaux present their 10 Favorite Summer Films!

Live stream: This Cinematic Life’s Craig Duffy and ‘Becca’lise Deveaux present their 10 Favorite Summer Films! Join us Thursday, June 25th at 8pm as This ...
Film Criticism

WHAT IS NEXT? – Reflections of the Film Industry

I wish I could tell you all that this will be over tomorrow, but the reality is that these are uncertain times we are living ...

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Film Criticism

Cinema Classics: North By Northwest

Given the title "The Master Of Suspense" by major media outlets, Hitchcock had a knack for creating thrilling scenes in his films through impactful visuals. ...

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Memories of Camp Frida

Camp Frida: I had begun an internship for the theater in July. By the time October rolled around, the event was coming up and it ...

The Films of Pedro Almodóvar

The Films of Pedro Almodóvar

Throughout September and October, The Frida Cinema presents a six-film retrospective of internationally-renowned Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar.