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Author: Mina Rhee

Daniella A

Volunteer of the Month Daniela Anguiano on “Hairspray”

“John Waters’ quotes are ridiculously over the top and constantly referenced amongst my family. Any quote that includes any mention of roaches are my absolute favorite. This includes Amber’s endless “That girl’s got roaches in her hair” or “Tracy Turnblad is a human roach nest” throughout the film. Another favorite line is when Penny and Edna are watching Tracy’s debut on the Corny Collins Show and Penny yells to the TV “Hi Tracy! It’s me, Penny!” Edna just looks at Penny and tells her “She can’t hear you!?” It’s absurd but makes me laugh every time.

Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet: In the Realm of the Senses

David Lynch’s Blue Velvet transcends thematic explanations and disorders the senses in ways that defy rational explanation. (starts Friday, 8/16)