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Author: Reggie Peralta

Reggie Peralta is a man of many interests. A native of Santa Ana, he graduated from UCLA with a BA in Political Science and also holds a certificate in Radio and Television/Video Production from Fullerton College. His film and book criticism has appeared in such outlets as The Grindhouse Cinema Database and LibroMobile, and he has done live readings of his fiction and poetry for Makara Center for the Arts and Writers & Readers of Fullerton College. In addition to helping out as Content Editor for the Frida, he also works as Blog Editor for the Libertarian Party of Orange County.
At The Frida

Lloyd Kaufman coming to The Frida IN PERSON with DIVIDE & CONQUER and SHAKESPEARE’S SH-TSTORM

Splatter horror legend Lloyd Kaufman joins us in person again two nights in a row for Divide & Conquer and Shakespeare’s Sh-tstorm!

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Join us this May for Cinema Essentials 2022, featuring acclaimed films representing different Oscar categories!

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Join us this May for our Director of the Month: Sam Raimi series, highlighting the alternately horrifying and hilarious films of the Evil Dead auteur!

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Join us this May for Neon Nightmares 2022 a month-long series of neon-soaked thrillers and art films!

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Volunteer of the Month Misty Darling on TOKYO DRIFTER

Frida Content Editor Reggie Peralta interviews May’s volunteer of the month Misty Darling about her pick Tokyo Drifter as well as her time at the Frida.

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Volunteer of the Month Sarah Kreager on WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE

Frida Content Editor Reggie Peralta interviews April’s volunteer of the month Sarah Kreager about her pick Welcome To The Dollhouse as well as her time at the Frida.

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Coming In From The Cold: A Continued Foray into Russian Film

Frida Content Editor Reggie Peralta picks up where our Soviet September series leaves off with an examination of 5 more movies from Russia and the former USSR.

The Blog

The Weird Shall Inherit: A Tour Through 5 Misfit Musicals

A tour through the weird world of alternative and offbeat musicals.

The Blog

A Different Kind of Magic: Revisiting 4 Offbeat Disney Classics

A look back at The Jungle Book and other offbeat Disney classics.

Films of the Past

Dinosaurs, Dragons, and Aliens, Oh My! 5 Selections from Godzilla’s Showa Era

Longtime writer Reggie Peralta selects 5 films from the legendary Showa-Era Godzilla films.

Films of the Past

Volunteer of the Month Sydney Dayan on Twilight

Yet it’s a movie we’re playing next week that YA fiction fans and glitter enthusiasts are ready to sink their teeth into: Twilight, the beloved vampire romance from Thirteen director Catherine Hardwicke!

A Serious Man
Films of the Past

Serious Movies for Serious Men: The 4 Most Underrated Coen Brothers Films

He has risen! After some 20 years of rumors and false starts, Jesus Quintana, the unofficial breakout star of The Big Lebowski, has finally got a movie of his own! As much a remake of the French dramedy Going Places as it is a Big Lebowski spin-off, The Jesus Rolls sees John Turturro not only step back into the infamous purple bowling gear but into the director’s chair as well.

Call Me By Your Name
Films of the Past

Volunteer of the Month Joey Barrera on Call Me by Your Name

A film we’ve had the pleasure of playing before, Frida guests will get to see it again thanks to our February Volunteer of the Month, Joey Barrera!

Altered States
Films of the Past

Sensory Overload: The Fantastical Films of Ken Russell

Love is in the air, but so is something else this month at the Frida! Our second WTF Wednesday screening commemorates the 40th anniversary of Altered States with a vibrant new 4K restoration of the film!

Films of the Past

Unspeakable Cinema: The 5 Most Lovecraftian Horror Films

It’s hard to believe that the first month of 2020 is already almost over, but we’re ending January at the Frida with a bang! Alongside Bong Joon-Ho’s monster hit Parasite, we’re presenting a weeklong run of Richard Stanley’s Color Out of Space! Starring Nicolas Cage, it’s looking to be his wildest movie since Mandy, which blew Frida guests away with its gritty story and kaleidoscopic color scheme when it played here a little over a year ago.