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RetroPop Live! Halloween Adds ‘Chopping Mall’ Cast & Crew to SoCal Drive-In Experience, Announce Major Cosplay Influencers Participating in Virtual Fest

RetroPop Live! Halloween weekend show, October 16 & 17, just got even bigger! Today, RetroPop Media, Fearsome Figures, LiveXLive and The Frida Cinema announced that they have added the cast and crew from the 80’s cult classic film “Chopping Mall” to the ‘RetroPop Live! Halloween Drive-in Movie Double Feature” experience that kicks off the show, […]

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Spooky Season Series: Carnival Of Souls (1962)

The following blog is the first in a series of “Spooky Season” movies that we will be discussing throughout the month of September and October: Poor, poor Mary Henry. She is not crazy. She is a perfectly sane, perfectly reasonable victim of tragedy. Perhaps the only survivor of a fatal car crash, Mary is naturally […]

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I’m Thinking Of “I’m Thinking Of Ending Things”

I’m thinking that Charlie Kaufman and existential horror go hand-in-hand pretty easily. Perhaps his background in writing for sketch comedy before going into screenwriting would make that surprising to people. Or maybe not, considering you can find a particularly dark humor just below the surface of surreal dread that defines his work. Since Being John […]

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“Stormy Weather,” Indeed

It hardly bears saying that Hollywood has historically had a problem with diverse representation on the silver screen, especially with regard to Black artists. The recent push for better media representation, while pressing, is not new. From the inception of the American film industry, white filmmakers have had advantages over filmmakers of color, in front […]

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Rest In Power: A Chadwick Boseman Tribute

When the news came that Chadwick Boseman passed away it was met with complete shock and utter disbelief across the world. In interviews, he always appeared happy and outgoing, but little did we know that off camera his lifestyle was the complete opposite. The official reports have stated that he passed away due to a […]

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