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Volunteer of the Month Daniela Anguiano on “Hairspray”

Daniella A

The Frida’s August Volunteer of the Month movie is Hairspray, chosen by Daniela Anguiano! This 1988 cult classic from provocateur John Waters is certainly the director’s most mainstream film, but still has plenty of edge and unforgettable dialogue. Here’s what our volunteer of the month says about her pick: “John Waters’ quotes are ridiculously over […]

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Donkey Pong: The Quartering — Video Game Movies

Video Game Movies

Sonic the Hedgehog 2020 is currently “under adjustment”—and a Mortal Kombat reboot might be looming in the near future. This month, Nostalgic Nebula looks back at 5 seminal video game movies in anticipation of their August 22nd presentation of Street Fighter (1994) at The Frida Cinema. Miguel Núñez Jr. and Andrew Bryniarski will be on […]

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Francis Ford Coppola — A Million Feet of Film

Francis Ford Coppola Month

“Why do films always have to be this way for me? Why do I always have to reach down into my gut, and pull my intestines out on to the table and chop at them in full view of the rest of humanity? Why can’t I just make an ordinary film the way I know […]

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The Frida’s Top Folk Horror Picks

The Wicker Man

The Frida Cinema’s writing team share their favorite Folk Horror film, in anticipation of our Horrors of Malformed Men screening. […]

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Thank You Floral Park Neighborhood Association!

Floral Park Neighborhood Association

As any non-profit will tell you, it takes a lot of work to solicit support – particularly during a major campaign – so there really is nothing like receiving completely unsolicited correspondence letting you know your organization’s efforts have been noted and appreciated, and that it has been selected to receive a grant in the […]

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Summer of ’69

Summer of '69

The era of the film auteur may or may not have officially kicked-off in the Summer of ’69, but some of the period’s most memorable and successful films did. Throughout July and August, The Frida Cinema will screening some of these legendary films. […]

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