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Unspeakable Cinema: The 5 Most Lovecraftian Horror Films


Color Out of Space screens Friday, January 24th through Thursday, January 30th It’s hard to believe that the first month of 2020 is already almost over, but we’re ending January at the Frida with a bang! Alongside Bong Joon-Ho’s monster hit Parasite, we’re presenting a weeklong run of Richard Stanley’s Color Out of Space! Starring […]

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The Lighthouse: Mythic And Multifaceted

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse continues Saturday, January 18th Darkness… a thrum slowly creeps its way into your consciousness as the faint wail of a foghorn sounds off and a thick curtain of grey fog appears. The faintest ghost of a vessel breeches through, and the thrumming is now a drone as we’re shown the crashing waves against […]

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It Came From Salt Lake City: The 10 Best Sundance Horror Films


Hereditary screens Saturday, January 18th In honor of HorrorBuzz’s special screening of A24’s Hereditary, I’d like to take a look at 10 other Sundance horror favorites that have shaped the boundaries of 21st century horror. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014) Described as “The First Iranian Vampire Western”, this film takes an unorthodox look (with […]

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The Buzz Is Back: The 5 Best Horror Sequels

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 screens Saturday, January 25th Thanks to our friends at Bombs Away Show, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is on its way back to The Frida Cinema! Departing from the chilling tone of the original, Tobe Hooper’s sequel has a goofy energy all its own and is a surprisingly worthy follow-up. […]

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Frida After Dark: January 2020

Frida After Dark January 2020

Happy New Year, folks! It’s a brand new decade, which means a whole new slew of programming for your favorite after-hours film series! FAD is starting 2020 off with a glorious lineup of dystopian sci-fi, underrated 90s gems, and samplings from both ends of the horror spectrum. With favorites old and new, this month is […]

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10 Must-See Movies About Hollywood

Singin In The Rain

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood screens Friday, January 3rd through Thursday, January 9th Quentin Tarantino’s critically acclaimed Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is hitting The Frida Cinema this month! A critical yet longing homage to vintage film and TV, it’s only appropriate that we take a look at other films that feature or deal with Tinseltown. […]

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The Art of Stink: 7 Movies Made Better With Odorama

December at The Frida Cinema saw not one but two screenings of Polyester, John Waters’ delightfully trashy send-up of romantic melodramas. As mentioned in December’s Frida After Dark blog, the comedy’s release marked a scent-sational innovation in the field of Smell-O-Vision. Though far from the first to imagine an aromatic theater experience, Waters made the […]

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