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Drive-in Rentals

Produce your own Drive-In with The Frida!

Did you know The Frida Cinema’s drive-in equipment and services are available for rent?  Through our Pop-Up Drive-In program, we have produced drive-in events for businesses, schools, non-profit and arts organizations, independent filmmakers, and property owners — and we’re ready to help you put on your own fun, safe, and memorable drive-in event!

Drive-In events offer you a perfect opportunity to gather your community together to take in a movie under the stars, while ensuring social-distance safety for your guests. Whether you’re screening a Hollywood hit, premiering your own film, or showcasing your class’ student shorts, our team will help you throughout the entire process, from licensing to marketing support to putting on the show!


• Depending on size of venue, either a 25′ or 40′ projection screen.
• Epson PRO 15,000-lumen Large Venue laser projector with 4K Enhancement.
• Broadcast-quality FM Transmitter System with Broadband FM Diploe Antenna.
• Theatrical-grade Oppo Blu-ray Disc and Media Player with Darbee Visual Processing.
• Honda 6500i Whisper-Quiet power generator.
• Wired microphone for introduction and announcements.


• A/V Services
• Parking Attendants
• Marketing Support
• Film Booking Services
• Ticketing Support

Prices vary based on type of venue and day of week.
Discounts for non-profits, arts organizations, and educational institutions available!

Drive-In Rental Inquiry