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Drunk Bus

Ends June 17th

100% Rotten Tomato Rating!

Michael (Charlie Tahan, Ozark) is a recent graduate whose post-college plan is derailed when his girlfriend leaves him for a job in New York City. Stuck in Ohio without a new plan of his own, Michael finds himself caught in the endless loop of driving the “drunk bus, ” the debaucherous late-night campus shuttle that ferries drunk college students from parties to the dorms and back. When the bus service hires a security guard to watch over the night shift, Michael comes face to tattooed face with Pineapple, a 300-lb punk-rock Samoan who challenges him with a kick in the ass to break from the loop and start living or risk driving in circles forever.

“The funniest film in America at this moment. Charlie Tahan and Pineapple Tangaroa are a great comedy team. Do not miss this!  Score: A-“ – James Verniere, Boston Herald 

Directed by Brandon LaGanke & John Carlucci | 2020 | 100 minutes | US | English

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