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Tell us all about your event!

The Frida Cinema has an ample social media following, strong Newsletter readership, and active website – and we’d be happy to lend these resources to you in the effort of helping ensure your event is well-promoted and successful! Please fill out the information below, and upload images as requested, then hit the SUBMIT box and your information and attachments will be forwarded to our Special Events and Marketing Departments!

What would you like this event's title/name to be?
Provide an inviting summary of your event! If it's a film, what's it about? If it's a fundraiser, what mission and work will funds be supporting? Is there a schedule to your event? Is there a host? Here is where you make your case as to why folks should do everything they can to attend your event!
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Please provide a poster image, with specs at least 675x1000 in size. This poster will be used as the image for our website's event page. If we are selling tickets for you on our platform, we will use this same poster in our ticketing page as well.
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If you would like us to create an event page on Facebook, we'd be happy to do so! We'll copy the info you provided above, and will need an 800x450 image uploaded here to use as the event cover page. (If you have already Facebook event page, we prefer not to have duplicate event pages for the same event. However if you would like us to share it, simply go to your event page hit Edit, then under co-host, add The Frida Cinema! This will add your event into our Facebook event calendar, as well as notify our Facebook followers of a new event!
If you do want us to create a new Facebook event, please provide the user names and/or Facebook links of the person(s) you'd like added as co-hosts, and/or tagged on the event!
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We would be happy to promote your event on Instagram as well! Please upload a square image - 800x800 or higher is generally best.
If you are selling tickets on a third-party ticketing platform ((Eventbrite, Brown Paper Tickets, etc.), we'd be happy to insert that link into your event page so that we can direct patrons to your ticketing page. Please provide your link to tickets here.
If your event is ticketed, you have the option to either sell your tickets on the third-party platform of your choice (Eventbrite, Brown Paper Tickets, etc.), or through The Frida Cinema's ticketing system. Selling through our system allows patrons to purchase tickets both online on our ticketing site, as well as at box office. If you elect to use our system, we charge only a per-ticket service fee of 75-cents per ticket sold. After your event, you will be provided with a report of tickets sold, and a check in the amount of ticket revenue minus 75-cents per ticket. Again this is optional.
Any additional link you'd like included in your event page?

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Should our Marketing Team have any questions, who is the best person to get in touch with?

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If you hit Submit, you’re all done! Your information and attached documents will be forwarded to both our Special Events and Marketing Departments.  We look forward to seeing you at The Frida!