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All About My Mother

All About My Mother poster

Our Pedro Almodovar retrospective ends on a fitting note with the touching drama All About My Mother.

Manuela (Cecilia Roth) is the perfect mother, working hard as a nurse to build a comfortable life for herself and her teenage son. Yet one tragic day Manuela sees her only son die as he runs to seek an actress’ autograph on his birthday. With her world completely shattered, Manuela returns to Barcelona in search of her son’s father only to encounter a colorful group of characters that begin to treat her like family.

Garnering Best Foreign Film at the Oscars and Best Director at Cannes for Almodovar, All About My Mother is an existential film that thoughtfully deals with feminism, faith, and redemption.

“It weaves life and art into a rich tapestry of love, loss and compassion.” — Janet Maslin, The New York Times

“Pedro Almodóvar’s winking, melodramatic love note to actresses, Tennessee Williams, and Barcelona is one of those movies that balances the sad and joyful in just the right proportion” — Kate Knibbs, The Ringer

“This is humanism in drag: Almodóvar’s passionate redefinition of family values.” — David Ansen, Newsweek

All About My Mother