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Battleship Potemkin

The next entry in our Soviet September series is Battleship Potemkin, which was inspired by a real-life uprising on the Russian battleship Potemkin in 1905.

Divided into five acts, the film follows the story of the abused crew members of the Potemkin, who stage a munity against their aggressive captain over spoiled rations. When news reaches the shore, the sympathetic Russian people – having long suffered under the czarist regime – send food and water out to the troops. Civilians and troops alike begin to rise up en masse against their oppressors.

Critics and scholars revere Battleship Potemkin as a seminal work in film history for Eisenstein’s innovative montage editing technique.

The Frida Cinema is proud to partner with our friends at South East European Film Festival (SEEFest) to present Soviet September, a series of nine acclaimed films representing six decades of cinema from the former Soviet Union (1922 – 1991).


“…headlong momentum, thrilling juxtapositions, and genuine power to move…” – Roger Ebert,

[Battleship Potemkin’s] stunning, economic handling of this capsule incident assures its standing as a work of pure aesthetic force…”  – Jesse Cataldo, Slant Magazine

“If you only ever see one silent film, this is the one it should be. A masterpiece.  – David Parkinson, Empire