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Bergman Island

Acclaimed writer/director Mia Hansen-Løve (Things to Come) takes to the psychological in her newest film, Bergman Island, fresh from its premiere at the 74th Cannes Film Festival.

A filmmaker couple–Chris (Vicky Krieps) and Tony (Tim Roth)–venture out to Sweden’s mythical island of Fårö, known to be the home and sole source of inspiration for legendary filmmaker Ingmar Bergman. Seeking their own inspiration for a script written by Chris, she begins to guide her partner through its story set within the same island. Gradually, a line between fiction and reality begins to blur, putting a future between the couple at immense risk.

Featuring a supporting turn by Mia Wasikowska, as well as an extensive surplus of hat-tips to the Swedish titan, Bergman Island manages to pay tribute to its titular legend while further establishing Hansen-Løve as a contemporary master in binding the intimate, complex ties of art-making and human connection.


“Any frustration is neutralized whenever Krieps is onscreen. The actress plays Chris as beguilingly childlike, her feelings and impulses… right at the surface, intensifying and subsiding, arpeggio-like.” — Jon Frosch, The Hollywood Reporter

“Wasikowska and Danielsen Lie deliver extraordinarily layered performances, channelling the familiarity of people who have already lived a major story together, along with the painful knowledge that this story is done.” — Sophie Monks Kaufman, Little White Lies

“Bergman Island acts like a love letter to auteur Ingmar Bergman, but stands on its own as a film that focuses on the artists’ journey of storytelling itself.” — Alysha Prasad, One Room With A View