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Big Fish

Our six-film Tim Burton retrospective continues with one of the director’s most beloved films, 2003’s Big Fish.

Will Bloom (Billy Crudup) returns home to say goodbye to his ailing father, Ed (Albert Finney).  Estranged for years, he strains to clear the air with his dad – particularly, to finally unravel the mysterious tales his father told him as a child.  Through a series of flashback sequences starring Ewan McGregor as the younger version of himself,  Ed sticks to his seemingly wild and absurd stories of witches, big-tent wonders, and star-crossed lovers – as Will begins to learn that there is sometimes a thin line between fact and fiction.

Burton’s adaptation of Daniel Wallace’s novel was nominated for four Golden Globes, as well as an Academy Award for Danny Elfman’s whimsical score, and has emerged as a favorite among fans of Burton’s mesmerizing visions.

“Director Tim Burton finally hooks the one that got away: a script that challenges and deepens his visionary talent.” – Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

“Big Fish is a clever, smart fantasy that targets the child inside every adult, without insulting the intelligence of either.” – James Beradinelli, ReelViews

“A tale that’s so enriching, so heartwarming, so funny, so touching, and so breathtaking, you’ll wonder why this kind of wackiness didn’t branch out sooner.”– Film Threat