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Hard-hitting horror is back on the menu with Bliss, a visually intense film from writer/director Joe Begos!

Unable to finish a newly-commissioned work, painter Dezzy looks to reignite her creative juices by letting loose – as in, indulging in heavy drugs and house parties. After spending a few such nights with her equally debauched friends though, Dezzy notices changes within herself. On the positive side, she’s finally painting again: on the negative side however, she’s developing a strange taste for blood, with her desire for it growing and growing.

A favorite of the genre festival circuit, Bliss has wowed audiences around the world and is sure to impress seasoned horror fans.

“An utterly involving, frightening, and totally thrilling deep-dive into the dark underbelly of Los Angeles via a fierce female lead, Bliss is one of the most fascinating and essential horror movies of the year.” – Joey Keogh, Wicker Horror

“Comprising hardcore and doom metal, à la Isis, Electric Wizard, and Doomriders, Bliss is more metal than most of the metal records released in the last five years.” – Andy Crump, Paste Magazine

“I loved this movie. If you let it sink its teeth in you, it’ll grab you and take you on a bliss-lined path to hell. It’s filmmaking like this that makes me giddy about horror.” – Terry Mesnard, Gayly Dreadful