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HorrorBuzz Horror Movie Night: Blood Rage

The sights and sounds of murderous twins and sinister synths collide in John Gressner’s Thanksgiving slasher Blood Rage, presented as part of HorrorBuzz‘s Horror Movie Nights.

One fateful night at a drive-in, a young boy named Terry (Mark Soper) takes part in a vengeful act of murder and frames it on his identical twin brother Todd, who is subsequently institutionalized. A decade later, a now-adult Terry has his bloodlust reignited with the news of Todd having just escaped from the asylum containing him for the past decade. Terry embarks on a blood-laden killing spree all throughout the apartment complex of Shadow Woods as he awaits a familiar face to pin the blame on, unless Todd musters the backbone to finally stand up for himself. Throughout the course of this Thanksgiving night, a turkey won’t be the only thing getting carved into.

Long censored due to its extensive scenes of gore, Blood Rage is unleashed in all of its gleefully uncut glory, with a surplus of pathos and tragedy to boot.


“They don’t make ’em like this any more, but more surprisingly, it’s difficult to believe that they ever did.” – Christopher Machell, CineVue

“One of the purest ’80s horrors- from its look and feel, to the blood red colour of the credits and title, to the […] awesome gore effects, to the creepy Freudian plot.” – C.H. Newell, Father Son Holy Gore

“It’s Louise Lasser that is really the one to watch in this film. As Terry and Todd’s mother, Maddy, Lasser portrays a mother wracked with both grief and utterly resolute denial at the monster one son is and what the other has become at the other’s (and her own) expense.” – Dana Vargas, Macabre Daily