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Cage Match Round 2: Moonstruck

Cage Match returns for Round 2 with Nicolas Cage playing romantic lead opposite Cher in Norman Jewison’s romantic comedy Moonstruck!

Widow Loretta Castorini likes her new fiancé, Johnny. She doesn’t love him, but she’s committed to marrying him anyway. Believing that her first marriage was cursed by her disregard for tradition, she’s determined to play it safe this time around. Before Johnny leaves to visit his mother in Sicily, he tasks Loretta with inviting Ronny, his estranged brother and an amputee biker, to their wedding. Unbeknownst to her, Loretta’s about to fall in love with life again.

A smash hit with audiences and critics alike, Moonstruck received six Academy Award nominations, with Cher winning Best Actress for her performance.

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“John Patrick Shanley’s Oscar-winning screenplay for Norman Jewison’s beautifully made, offbeat tale of amore is full of rich little episodes and frequently poetic outbursts, seized by a marvelous cast…” – Angie Errigo, Empire Online

“…a rare movie that can both move you with its beauty, and constantly make you laugh out loud.” – Moira Macdonald, The Seattle Times

“…[a] bizarre, bewitching, deeply morbid spaghetti rom-com.” – Rachel Handler, Vulture