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**SOLD OUT!!** – Camp Frida: Season of the Witch

Camp Frida poster

Camp Frida 3 is completely SOLD OUT!!

By the power of 3 times 3… Camp Frida returns again for the third time! 

Embark on a 12-hour trip into the woods starting at 8PM on October 5th! Join the Frida camp counselors for a night of badges, games, and a gaggle of creepy films that will surely remind campers that good things come in threes!

The list of horror classics will be kept under lock and key for the safety of the campers. Also remember that it’ll be a long night so be sure to dress comfortably! Our concessions and bar will be open all night but feel free to bring extra survival snacks.

Camp registration is $20 a person. Special event: No Passes or Member Discounts. Registering grants access to the films, camp activities, and the opportunity to earn an assortment of Camp Frida goodies! We’ll hand an extra special gift to everyone who stays for the entire marathon!