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Another thrilling entry in our Frida After Dark series, Censor is a female-fronted horror film that blends nostalgia with sharp commentary on obsession, trauma, and–of course–censorship.

Set in the ’80s, the movie follows Enid (Niamh Algar), a timid film censor during the age of “video nasties”. In a twist of irony though, Enid becomes enthralled with director Frederick North (Adrian Schiller) and his movies, as they remind her of the disappearance of her sister. She then becomes obsessed with finding actress Alice Lee (Sophia La Porta), the star of North’s films who also disappeared. Through a violent, hellish journey, Enid seeks to answer the question: did North play a role in her sister’s disappearance?

Debuting at Sundace earlier this year, Prano Bailey-Bond’s first feature film highlights the complexities of family trauma, compulsion, and facing your deepest, darkest fears.


“…a brilliantly adventurous first feature from a razor-sharp film-maker on the rise, who joins the likes of Jennifer Kent, Julia Ducournau, Natalie Erika James, Rose Glass et al in proving that the future of cutting-edge horror is fearless, forthright and female” – Mark Kermode, The Guardian

“Despite it being her feature film debut, Welsh director and co-writer Prano Bailey-Bond directs the film with maturity, effectively using her crew to create a magnificent world for each of us to get sucked into” – Mark Carnochan, The Film Magazine

“A psychedelic rabbit-hole-drop of a movie from one of the most exciting new directors working in horror today.” – Terri White, Empire